AI Yellow Pages

"Innovation is in our DNA"
Beginning, Present and Future

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An idea is born
January 2017

January, 2007.

We were facing a change of paradigm... We felt that the printed Yellow Pages would lose strength and usefulness. From this new perspective, we decided to bet on the evolution of the concept of Yellow Pages specialising in the Internet.

The magic of the Internet was changing the way we communicated. This would also change the way we do business.

A gigantic market opened up before us. At that time Google was like an eight-year-old boy, Netflix nine and Amazon twelve.

November 5, 2008. is born. We combine the strength of direct sales to the concept of online advertising. We were the first company to approach the advertising market with the slogan, "The yellow pages of the internet".

Users contacted advertisers and began to formalise business through a virtual channel. The idea worked. We were living in a different world.

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Expansion on a Global scale
September 10, 2009

September 10, 2009. We began to present the concept at international events. The first was held in the city of Rio de Janeiro in the Chamber of Commerce auditorium, then followed by Miami, Bogota, Quito, Lima, Buenos Aires and Santiago Chile .

June 5, 2010. The idea was expanding, as a result we held the first events in Europe, Lisbon, Madrid and Rome.

This same year, 25 local events were held.

The technological improvement and the development of the tools available in the advertisements were our focus. More and more advertisers populated the portal and the online business exploded in the world.

2011 al 2015. The expansion did not stop. The participants multiplied and we began to develop in Africa and Asia with events in Johannesburg, Capetown and Bangkok.

The mobile telephone, with its increasingly sophisticated smartphones, was beginning to gain ground rapidly. Technological and innovative launches were the order of the day. The speed of events was increasing. Our world was faster and the demands greater.

During these years we consolidated as the number one Yellow Pages directory on the Internet. We created a range of products and services that increased our business network. Products that were quickly absorbed by advertisers eager to take advantage of every opportunity that the new business had to offer.


The Business Community
2016 to 2018

Almost naturally AiYellow became a business community. We felt we had realised another achievement. Thousands of independent entrepreneurs around the world, with different social and cultural conditions united in a single objective:

Using the business platform, increasingly sophisticated and intuitive that AiYellow presented.

A Community formed by portal users, advertisers and Brand licenses. We had grown globally using the strength of personal recommendations.

Our philosophy of serving advertisers individually and directly was a success.

With an international team that works locally we achieve our great objective:

Generar oportunidades de ingreso a miles de familias que a trav\u00e9s de la capacitaci\u00f3n constante han creado una nueva profesi\u00f3n en un mundo nuevo: - CAA- Agentes Publicitarios Certificados -

Generating income opportunities for thousands of families to join, who through constant training, have created a new profession in a new world:-CAA-Certified Advertising Agents-


Token & Crypto-World
2018 to 2023

All our corporate staff without exception, began marketing our advertising products, and grew with the company. Gaining maturity and stability, but never losing the passion for innovation.

Supported by the business community we set ourselves a new goal:

Multiplying our base of advertisers and commercial licenses and CAA. Certified Advertising Agents

Doing business together, within the platform of the last generation, is the perfect description of b2b (Business to Business) under the umbrella of the concept of Yellow Pages on the Internet. After being born as b2c (business to Consumer) we naturally transform ourselves, in the first and largest b2b community (Business to Business) with our own token exchange in Yellow Pages.

Pioneers once again! With our own exchange currency and with the possibility of conquering enormous wealth along the way. A "win, win, win" wins for advertisers, brand licensees and CAA.

A new and fascinating world is on the way, with state of the art technology and permanent innovation; but never forgetting that:

Technology does not start revolutions, people do.