AI Yellow Pages

"Innovation is in our DNA"
Beginning, present and future

An idea is born

We expanded worldwide

We started a business community

We create our Cryptocurrency


An idea is born
January, 2007

We were facing a paradigm shift. The magic of the Internet was changing the way we communicate and do business, therefore, we understood that printed directories would lose utility. From this new perspective, an idea was born, and we decided to bet on the evolution of the concept of Yellow Pages on the Internet.

November 5, 2008. AmarillasInternet is born - we join the power of direct sales with the online advertising potential, creating the first company to approach the advertising market under the concept of "yellow pages of internet"

Users began contacting advertisers to start businesses through a virtual channel. The idea worked, we were leading the innovation in the world of virtual business.

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Expansion on a Global scale
September 10, 2009

September 10, 2009. We began to present the concept at international events: Rio de Janeiro, Miami, Bogota, Quito, Lima, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile.

June 5, 2010. The idea became stronger and we organized the first events in Europe: Lisbon, Madrid and Rome. This same year 25 events were held at the local level.

The technological improvement and the development of new tools available in the ads were our great strength. Online businesses exploded globally and even more advertisers joined our portal.

2011 to 2015. The expansion continued and the participants multiplied. This is how we arrived in Africa and Asia, with events in Johannesburg, Capetown and Bangkok.

During these years, we consolidated ourselves as the number one directory of Yellow Pages on the Internet, creating a wide range of products and services that were quickly absorbed by advertisers eager to take advantage of every opportunity in the new world of online business.


The Business Community
2016 to 2018

Almost naturally, AiYellow became a business community, in which millions of independent entrepreneurs around the world came together with one goal: to use the increasingly sophisticated and intuitive business platform provided by AiYellow.

With a strong community of users, advertisers and licensees from all over the world, we achieved our great goal: to generate income opportunities for thousands of families that through constant training have created a new profession: CAA - Certified Advertising Agents.

Our advertising agents are a large community of entrepreneurs who serve their clients with dedication and effort. The secret of its success are the positive comments and the recommendations from satisfied customers. A simple, real and powerful concept.


Token & Crypto-World
2018 to 2023

Supported by the business community, we set ourselves a new goal: to multiply our base of advertisers, licensees and Agents.

Although we were born as a B2C (Business to Consumer) community, we grew and evolved towards the first B2B community (Business to Business) with its own exchange token in the Yellow Pages.

Pioneers again, with our own currency and with the possibility of conquering enormous wealth along the way, we continue working together betting on high technology and permanent innovation, but never forgetting that:

Technology doesn’t start revolutions, people do it.