Ai White Pages

Evolution of Ai WhitePages
Beginning, present and the future


Creating the Directory
January 2013

Social Media began to explode globally with an extraordinary effect on modern society. AiYellow, following their tradition of innovation, created a platform which exclusively harvested data from Social Media profiles. A platform with no cost to the member and which granted prizes and incentives to its participants with a component for viral expansion. Friends inviting friends.

AiYellow's motto: "innovation is in our DNA" continued to gain strength.


Allocation of funds to NGOs
2016 to 2018

With more than one million records confirmed and verified, the AiWhitePages discovered its primary goal, as a fundraiser to assist those in need.

The AiWhitePages platform included "ClickToHelp" and "AuctionsToHelp" - two innovative programs designed to help NGO's and people living in vulnerable situations.

The initial results were so encouraging that it motivated the team to excel. A vision emerged, to make the AiWhitePages a meaningful fundraiser, to contribute resources worldwide.


Donations in Exchange for advertising
2018 to 2021

The paradigm shift was expected and finally became a reality in the United States. What was not expected, was that online advertising, would eclipse television advertising many times over.

Given this new reality and always guided by the need and desire to help, AiYellow decided to allocate a part of the global advertising revenue to charitable support.

With the entire AiYellow community assisting, and with individual support from new members, the realisation of being a true global contributor to those in need, was becoming a reality. Please join us in this significant endeavour.

"It always seems impossible, until it's done." - Nelson Mandela

Revenue collected by Internet Advertising Portals vs. Television Advertising

Television Advertising $40.100M
Advertising on the Internet $42.800M
375 M.
42.8 M.
40.1 M.