Business Consultants????

When you are a business owner you are constantly bombarded with queries from your staff, supplier, clients, government institutions etc. With time we lose ourselves in dealing with putting out the fires in our business and loosing focus. Being surrounded constantly by people who have some interest in our business, being it financial, being emotional, everyone will have some kind of an angle (agenda) for you to perform in a certain way. And this is where a person who is not connected to your business or to  your family comes in very useful to help you to keep your business forward. So what person would be the best fit to have on your side?


You need to start with a question, what do you want? Do you simply need someone who will listen to your ideas, it is almost like a sound board, where you would have someone who will have a cold, hard listen to your pros or cons on ideas that you would like to implement? O you want someone who will help you to streamline your business? Do you want someone who will help you to improve your bottom line?

You need to be very clear what do you want, and convey this as a very clear message to the person that you will be working with so both parties will not what are the expectations.

So why business owners who have : mentors, coaches, consultants perform better than those who do not?

Those people (mentors, coaches, consultants) will have your interest at heart

They are not emotionally involved in your business

They are not financially involved in your business

And most importantly their reputation is on the line

So they need to achieve the expectations and results.


How to choose your mentor , or coach, or consultant?

You must be able to work with them, so ease of communication need to be there

The goals / results must be clear and both parties should agree on them

You preferably would like someone who has experience in the industry with proven track record.


Good coaches, mentors, consultants are worth their money, most of them will have a free session with you before taking you as a client, so use this opportunity to see if the two of you will be a good fit to take your business to the higher level.

Beata Rossudowski for Trifecta Trading 186 Centurion SA

Business Consultants????
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