Thanks to the abundance of Antioxidants such as Carotenoids, Hyperthyroidism (SOD), Phycocyanin, SPIRULIN has been shown to: * Helps prevent Skeletal Muscle wear and tear caused by oxidative stress caused by exercise.  *Increases durability. As it is a good source of plant protein and contains a significant amount of amino acid branching chain (BCAA) fundamental components of Muscle Protein,
SPIRULINA can increase the composition of Muscle Protein. SPIRULIN has been shown to strengthen the immune system in many ways. *Helps prevent reduced body defenses due to excessive exercise or Games.
* It has an alkaline composition and helps to Oxidize the body after a strenuous exercise.   * Helps reduce waste in the body. This way the body returns IMMEDIATELY while the exercise becomes more efficient.    * Contains many metals and replaces lost metals through sweat.
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