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Cinema Spots

Large size, with visual impact and an attractive "call to action".

The Cinema Spot format is the largest on our site. It offers a high visual impact and recall. It is very dynamic and has a direct link to the landing page of your product\/company.

An advertising space that allows, the displaying of promotions, events and other information necessary for the promotion of a product or company.

Recommended for launches, promotions or events.

Master Spots

Your brand, seen daily,by thousands of people around the world.

The logo of your company will be seen by the thousands of people, from all over the world, who enter our portal daily. It is exceptionally effective, as it includes a direct link to your landing page.

Recommended for placing campaigns and generating traffic to your website.

Success Stories

Your Brand, with your own content, directed at your audience.

Imagine your Brand exhibited by relevant content for your audience or community ... Precisely that is our 'Success Stories'!

We offer an area for our advertisers to publish attractive articles on topics associated with their audience or community. Your Brand will be represented in a dual format with a banner on the top and a side banner.

Ideal to empower communities and generate interaction.

Sponsored Articles

Your Brand with content written by professional bloggers.

Currently, "content is king" on the internet. For this reason, the Sponsored Articles format is perfect to boost your business. It allows you to advertise your Brand alongside articles, with relevant content, written by bloggers with experience in creating high online demand content.

Your brand will be represented in a dual format with a banner on the top and a side banner.

Recommended, for launching products and very competitive brands.

Window Spots

Your brand next to the search results.

This format is very effective since it is directly related to the search that the user has initiated. It has image and text and redirects the user to the landing page of your Brand.

Ideal to generate traffic and new prospects in a specific market niche.

Category Spots

Ads by category with a privileged positioning.

These are ad groups by category, located in the upper area of \u200b\u200bthe search results on our portal, with a privileged positioning before other ads.

They are large, which allows the advertiser, to provide more detailed information, and thereby achieve higher visibility.

Includes images and links to the landing page of your Brand.

Ideal to promote services, gain new prospects and position yourself, in a competitive market.

City Spots

Provide contact information for your Brand with national exposure.

This advertising space, is located in the right column of the search results page, although it is not related to its content.

They have national exposure and are ideal to provide contact information and generate traffic.

AiYellow wants to see our merchants' businesses grow.

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