Support individual causes

Our support is also for people with solidarity projects or who need help to achieve an inspiring personal goal.

Be the change

We are much more than a company, we are a community that, besides generating thousands of jobs, wants to be part of the change we want to see in the world.

Collaborate with social projects

Our main objective is to provide fundraising resources to institutions or social projects.

Promote solidarity

Our great desire is that other business communities feel inspired by our work and generate their own solidarity programs, because by working together, change is possible.

AmarillasInternet invites you to be part of its most valuable project: YellowHeart, a team formed from the solidarity potential of our WhitePages platform and the willingness to help of those who are part of AiYellow.

Through this successful program, volunteers from all over the world work together to help people in situations of vulnerability as well as institutions and social projects aimed at promoting fundamental issues such as health, sports, education, food, among others.

How do we do it?

Until today, YellowHeart has developed 2 solidarity programs using the potential of our platform to reach thousands of users in the world: ClickToHelp and AuctionsToHelp.

Active Users


Total raised

Do you need help for a good cause?

Tell us about your project and give us the opportunity to help you.

How does ClickToHelp work?

Our program is perfect to channel your desire to help and make a difference. Because by dedicating only 5 minutes of your day to clicking the ads of the program, you will be helping social projects that really need us.

Get Clicks

With each click you make in specific ads, you earn points.

Donate your points

The accumulated points will be donated to the entity or person of your choice.

Your points become into help

The recipient exchanges the points for advertising space and get 100% of the profits for selling them.

With ClicktoHelp We all win

As a volunteer, you also win with ClickToHelp. Because with each click you make you add a point. By adding a certain amount, you win a number to participate in incredible local, national and international raffles.

Are you in charge of a social project or do you need help?

ClickToHelp is a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for humanitarian projects in multiple social areas: education, food, sports, health, and all kinds of activities that promote common welfare, progress and equity.

Do you want to apply to be a beneficiary of our program? Send us a message and one of the coordinators of Yellow Heart will contact you shortly.

Get in touch with YellowHeart

AuctionsToHelp program

The AuctionsToHelp program is based on raising donations by companies with an active social responsibility, who provide us with products or services to be auctioned online. These products are offered at a really convenient base price to make them more accessible to our users.

All proceeds from the auctions are destined to the social projects registered in the program as beneficiaries

Are you responsible for a social project or do you need help?

Contact us

Do you have a company and want to make a donation?

Currently, the best companies in the world have solid CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs through which they reward society with part of their profits, supporting multiple organizations and projects.

If you have a company or an enterprise, you can make a small contribution to generate a great change in the world. Send your donation to help wonderful social causes by contacting one of our coordinators.

Get in touch with YellowHeart

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.

Charles Dickens

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