Letter from the President

With these words, I would like to express my deep and sincere thanks to all members of the business community of AiYellow.

Those who know the philosophy and the work of the company, know that we always work as a great community, in which all of us, from advertisers to professionals, affiliates, licensees of brands and users of the white pages, are involved in the growth of This wonderful project called AiYellow.

Over the years, we have faced great challenges, but we have always circumvented the obstacles with responsibility and perseverance, giving voice to hundreds of people who rely on our platform to grow as entrepreneurs, professionals and, fundamentally, as human beings.

Once again, I would like to congratulate and thank my colleagues, who every day, with generosity and enthusiasm, improve all aspects of our business.

I think it is very important, that our potential advertisers are aware, that behind our advertising platform, there is a human group worthy of respect, which has created, maintained and improved the largest community of entrepreneurs under the concept of Yellow Pages on the Internet.

Thanks and congratulations to all.

With affection and respect

Martín Naka