About AiYellow

Our success lies in collaborative work

All AiYellow's business units and their respective areas operate synergistically. Our advertisers, advertising agents and corporate team, all contribute ideas, knowledge and experience, which in turn, allows us to learn and work together to reach our full potential continually.

Experience and knowledge

Dedication and professionalism

Appreciation for Diversity

Team Success

The idea of \u200bcreating AiYellow arose from our desire to innovate, creating a tool that advertisers needed in a digital context. But later we understood that this idea could be much more significant. In addition to a platform, we could be a resource for thousands of people in the world who wanted and needed, an independent work in which they could grow, develop, and fundamentally, feel part of a community: our agents.

We are proud to say, that all the executives that today lead AiYellow worldwide began their career from the same point: selling advertising products of AiYellow.

The road to growth is made of effort, dedication and professionalism.

Martin Naka. President.

Advertising Agents worldwide

Active Licenses around the world

Advertisers in the 5 continents

Years of expertise in the market

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