Our Network

Our Business Network
Beginning, Present and Future

In this section, we present the different products that we have created and developed, together with the evolution of the products over time.

AiYellow develops all the products that the Company sells. The technology, functionality and design, related to each of the products, was a multidisciplinary effort between the different sections that ultimately defines the Company.

In the beginning, the Concepts were independent developments that were integrated. creating a synergy whereby each new product increased the strength and power of the advertising system that we offer.

With the financial resources of the Company, we comply in all cases with the various stages of development, deployment and consolidation.

Our strength is the methodology that we implemented over the years.

Each project that was transformed into business, was due to continued collaboration with the commercial team, by interpreting the wishes of customers, indicating the way forward.

We created a sophisticated system of suggestions and concepts between the various departments of the Company, thereby placing the Company at the forefront of the market in the category of Yellow Pages.

The Business Network of the AiYellow community will continue to innovate and create, as it is the essence of, and a fundamentally integral part of, our strength.

You will be capable of understanding the Beginning, Present and Future of each section that encompasses our Business Network.