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Why our users love us?

Prizes and benefits

Users participate in monthly prizes and raffles, just to use the application.

Push notifications

Users receive notifications in real time, regarding their favourite brands, promotions or exclusive benefits no matter where they are.

A unique experience

We developed a comprehensive tool using the geolocation system so the users can enjoy a unique experience, which meets their needs.

A real community

The users, get opinions and references from those who have already experienced, what interests them and share photos, comments and ideas concerning the articles they like.

Do you want your business to reach its highest potential?

Consider generating a bond so strong with your client, that it makes your business become part of their life...take this opportunity for your company's success today!

A unique experience for your customers

Create dynamic messages, based on your customers location, preferences and requirements.

Achieve interaction

Promote actions, that leads your clients to interact with your business.

Always be present.

Reach your audience, at the right time and place, through mobile push notifications, whether the application is on or not.

Be an expert

You will have access to ebooks and video tutorials, where you can discover all the features and explore the full potential of this amazing loyalty tool.

Marketing one-on-one

Personalised marketing, allows you to promote specific features of your business.

A complete loyalty program

Through UbiZ we offer a complete tool, to launch your loyalty program, encouraging your clients with raffles, promotions and other marketing activities, that they will receive, through their smartphones.

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