Amawebs, our Website Builder
Beginning, present and future


Launch of amawebs

The importance of being present on the internet became evident.

Our advertisers were afraid, that the indexing of their ads was not enough. They began to understand the need to have a website of their own.

To satisfy our advertisers' new needs, we decided to launch a tool, to enable them to successfully enter the digital world: Amawebs, the website builder of AiYellow.


Exceeding expectations

With more than 5000 pre-designed templates, 300 items categories, large data storage capacity, photos, videos, a friendly and intuitive editor, Amawebs has put almost 100,000 sites online.

50 million stored photos, 12 online servers with hosting and permanent backups, are just some of Amawebs services.

Our commercial team knows the needs of advertisers, and Amawebs is undoubtedly, one of the most useful tools we offer.


Achieving 10 million Sites
2018 to 2021

Thinking of a small or medium-sized company that doesn't have an online website is to imagine a business without a future. Therefore, we offer the possibility to all types of businesses, to participate in AiYellow's market-place, linking their ad to their website.

Our main purpose is to help the "digitally excluded", by offering very competitive rates, which, combined with other advantages, provide equal opportunities for all communities to succeed in the internet market.

These campaigns will only be implemented, in areas where AiYellow Brand licenses are active.