Evolution of YellowHeart

Who have we helped until today?

14% Men
19% Women
67% Children
How do people around the world choose to give solidary help?
Through internet 87%
Through phone calls 7%
On-site assistance 4%


Julio 2011

From our beginnings, we planned to form an area within our community to do even more valuable our work, allowing us to help those in need.

With this goal in mind, in Madrid, the idea of "Yellow Heart" originates, and its first working team is formed.

In August 2015, Yellow Heart teams from all over the world began to work with all the divisions in AiYellow, making it increasingly coordinated and effective.

Later, Yellow Heart formally organised itself on the initiative of the teams themselves. Centralising operations and gaining financial independence through a partnership with AiWhitePages, which would allow obtaining resources in exchange for advertising.


2019 to 2021

Currently, there are active solidarity programs such as ClickToHelp and AuctionToHelp which, thanks to the participation of their users, allows us to assist non-profit organisations. Our platform has become a powerful tool with which to generate funds for charitable causes.


2019 to 2021

It is our greatest desire that the Yellow Heart team exploits all the solidarity potential of our platform. Thus, every action we perform well, each auction, each draw, and every member of our extraordinary community becomes an active protagonist of change that the world so badly needs.

Core values in the work of YellowHeart

Solidarity We believe that a more equitable and inclusive world is only possible with the collaboration of those who have more resources and possibilities.
Unity We believe that every member of our community provides a unique and fundamental value in achieving our common goal: to help.
Commitment All our actions and programs are developed in a framework of respect and responsibility towards NGOs that form a part of the program.
Innovation We are constantly optimising our platform technology and its tools to provide an efficient fundraising resource for entities in need.
Participation We encourage the joint participation of all members of our community, because we believe that a caring heart always has something positive to add.
Transparency Honestly and selflessly we support the work of the participating NGOs, providing transparent information and advising them to derive maximum benefit from the programs we have.